DJ/レコード収集。90年代後半からDJ活動を開始し、世界中に眠っている珍音楽を集めてWORLD MUSICとDANCE MUSIC,BASS MUSICを融合する独自の開放的グルーヴを展開。北海道を拠点に全国各地のクラブや野外イベントでDJ、ラジオ番組等でのDJ Mix放送、伝統民族音楽や芸術企画との連携、打楽器とのセッションLIVEなど多方面で活躍中。2018年7月に60〜70年代ギリシャ7inchレコードのみで構成したMix CD第2弾を発売。


DJ / based in Hokkaido. excavation activity of traditional records. KAZUYA aka PEE was born 1979 in Sapporo,Japan.He started his career since late 90s,long career over 20 years as a DJ, released 5title Mixed CDs. He has inspired from rhythmic ethnic music. He select all genres of music from world rare groove to house, techno, dubstep, drum&bass, techno, reggae, jazz, psychedelic rock. delivering his unique and dynamic dj sets in venues Sapporo and hokkaido areas, he has gained the attention and respect of rare music lovers. DJ on radio mix shows such as: “Open Port Club” (Berlin Community Radio), “Norrm Radio” (Banding/Indonesia), “”(Tokyo/Sapporo), “Hole and Holland podcast”(Tokyo), “FM Northwave” (Hokkaido) and many more